An Overview

ExitReality is the parent company for a group of 3D entertainment and learning focused businesses. The range of projects represents a complete functioning organism from the ground up. From it’s base, the 3D browser, developed and refined over many years forms the groundwork for the other extensions of the company like the 3D search engine and the learning simulations.

A Brief History

ExitReality was founded in 2003 as a web 3D technology platform. The development of the platform was focused on the automated transmogrification of every 2D web page into a navigable shared 3D environment. As part of this process, custom 3D environments were developed for large clients for the purposes of promoting the platform as a be-all experience of the web in ways not previously thought possible. Clients included Warner Bros, Carls Jr, Hardees, Blinkx and many more.

ExitReality has been consistently building a portfolio of web 3D technologies and properties.
Some of the highlights include acquiring Blaxxun technologies, vSide music & entertainment virtual world and more recently the virtual earth Twinity.

Vision for the Future

ExitReality sees a future in which 3D technology is taken for granted and used extensively and naturally by everyone connected to the internet. ExitReality will do whatever it takes to develop the online 3D community to a point where it can reach its true potential.

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