Koinup Acquired

ExitReality recently acquired Koinup
social network. Koinup is a project
focused on linking all major virtual worlds.
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Browsopia 3D

A powerful purpose built
search engine, devoted to
seeking out 3D content from
across the globe.
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Global Structure

Providing 3D hosting
services across the planet.

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Mobile Devices

Learnbrite specializes in the
development of learning
technologies to various platforms
including mobile devices.

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Surroundus is conference,
lecture and learning space
with video conferencing and
slide presentations in purpose
built multiuser 3D space.

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Join us in some of the biggest
cities in the world recreated
in stunning 3D.

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Healthcare Simulation

A 3D simulation game that follows
the progress of a patient from initial ailment
to comprehensive and auxilliary care.

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An entertaining  fashion and
music focused virtual world for
ages 13 and up.

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